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Sunday, June 27, 2010

How's the Market?

The real estate market remains challenging throughout the US. Prices have dropped across the board and it is truly a buyer’s market in most cases. At our recent sales meeting, a poll was taken of over 80 brokers on where we were in the market. Over 95% still thought Eagle County was in a soft decline and not quite at the bottom. Different economic influences can arise at any time pushing the market up or down but today’s trend is still a slight decline. The biggest challenge for Real Estate brokers here is successfully pairing buyers with properties whose sellers are willing to price their real estate within the comparables. Buyers are being more selective and taking their time to find a deal. With interest rates still historically low and a nice selection of properties, Buyers have an opportunity to purchase now. Some of the most active months in Eagle County for transactions are July, August, & September, so if you are a serious buyer, this summer may offer the best chance to purchase your home in Vail. Come enjoy the activities and take advantage of some great real estate bargains.

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