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Friday, August 19, 2011

Eagle County real estate transactions has similar 1st half of the year, compared to that of 2010

Eagle County real estate ended the quarter with 620 overall transactions, just 2 above the total for 2010 through the same time period. While transactions have remained constant, the dollar volume has slipped 18% versus 2010. The main contributor to the constant transactions and falling volume are the continued bank sales. So far this year there has been 129 bank sales; which is 21% of the overall market. However, these numbers translate to just 7% of our total dollar volume ($42,386,000). The combination of these numbers means a lower average sales price for the County as a whole. The average price for the bank sales has been $328,573.

While the bank sales have had an impact on our overall market; we continue to see sales in the high end market as well. So far this year, there have been 20 transactions over $5 million. At the height of our market in 2007 there were 24 transactions over $5 million and in 2008 there were 31 through the same time period. Many of these high end sales for 2011 were from the new developments.

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